A Tribute to Asher Mendon

Dear ASB,

The thoughts and prayers of the entire ASB community are with the Mendon family.  A heartfelt tribute from the family remembers Asher.

With sadness,
Dr. Paul Fochtman


Remembering Asher

On July 6th 2009,
Asher, our beloved son’s life was cut short at the mere age of 18. He was a
wonderful blessing, a treasure from above. His laughter, warmth and special
charm, his thoughtfulness and love brought us a special joy that comes from
deep inside. As he grew to manhood, he filled our hearts with pride. With every
year that passed he was more special than before. Through every stage, through
every age, we loved him even more. We loved his laugh, his smile, his
everything, we loved our son. No words can describe the warm memories, the
pride and gratitude that came from having a son we loved and cherished.

While we indulge in nostalgia of our beloved son, his essence surely lives on
within our hearts. No words we write could ever say how sad and empty we feel
today. We will brave the bitter grief that comes and we will try our best to
understand our young son so dear, for all our love and memories we hold forever

We remember…..

  • As a baby when he was weaned of breast feeding he
    drank straight from the cup and never from a baby bottle.
  • We longed to see him crawl but he just held on to
    objects and walked.
  • At a tender age he loved to build with LEGO but
    not once did he, ever refer to the instructions, he could just build seeing
    the picture. He combined different models to create his own version.
  • If there was anything he hated the most it was
    going to the dentist and once even before the dentist could start on his
    teeth he began to yell as if he was in pain.
  • One of his obsessions as a child was dinosaurs
    whose names he could pronounce no matter how difficult.
  • His talents as a musician started at an early age
    when he could play the guitar perfectly while it was held behind his back.
  • On our trip to an amusement park in the Netherlands
    he was amused with the comically designed bins that laughed when fed trash
    so he spent the day throwing trash in those bins.
  • When visiting the National History
    Museum in London we could not
    tear him away from the dinosaurs section as he wanted to start his own
    research and excavation at that very moment.
  • Swimming was only fun for him at the hot water
    springs on the outskirts of Rome.
  • When it came to bicycling it took him only an hour
    to master it without help.
  • He won the very first chess game that his father
    was teaching him to play and never lost ever since.
  • He had a fascination towards reptiles and once in
    our New York home when a snake was found inside and we were terrified, he
    demonstrated his care for the reptile by not hurting it but scooping it up
    and letting it free into the garden.
  • He never hesitated to help with the laundry or
    setting the dinner table which he did meticulously.
  • His culinary and baking skills of desserts were an
    extension of his love for food.
  • Brand names meant little to Asher as he set his
    own trends, his white t-shirts and blue jeans were legendary.
  • His notorious witty sense of humor left every one
    amused and puzzled at the same time.
  • In spite of being asthmatic he excelled in sports
    such as soccer and basketball.
  • Music was his constant,
    no matter the genre from classic rock to house.
  • His artistic mind flowed out in the form of
    intricate sketches.
  • He was a very nimble dancer whether it was break
    dancing or ball room dancing.
  • He physics and engineering skills led him to build
    his prize winning catapult from scratch.
  • His grasp for knowledge was so sharp that without
    attending class or opening his text book he could secure a good grade.

There are many
memories in our mind, some we laugh and some we cry. The times we shared, the
laughs we had, things we miss when we think of Asher, realizing that’s all we
have to hold on to, only memories, of what he once was. When the mist finally
fades, reality will sink in and the truth will be here to stay.

Although we are
lost in solitude now, we look forward to spring. Spring is about deluges of
raindrops, sunny days pushing past huge, grey clouds, impatiently waiting for
the weather to get better. So, too is grief. Out of great pain and sorrow come
learning, possibilities and growth. Maybe even a deeper knowledge of eternal
spring. Tears are small miracles of life, for tears of joy and tears of pain
both heal.

Asher will forever
be in our hearts

The Mendon Family

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