Diversity – A Crucible we must protect and nurture

ASB is an international school with 51 nationalities with student ranging from three to 18 years olds all sharing the same building, teachers, mission, and core values. Our is a special and unique climate and one that requires attention, protection, and intervention if the core values of the school are violated. Today was another special day at ASB. We held our annual Festival of Nations and the Parade of Nations. It was a recognition of one of ASB’s most precious assets – our cultural diversity. . . A celebration of our community and our differences and similarities. It was a beautiful and colorful exploration of our cultural histories through song and dance. We collectively rejoiced at the spirited sounds of South African drums, the rhythms of the Korean martial arts, the eloquent dance movements of Malaysia, the war cries from New Zealand, the enactment of the community spirit of a baseball game in the US, the musical rhythms of the World Ensemble, and the celebratory national flavors of India. We also celebrated our 51 nationalities and each of our students walked with a country they identified with. On our school website we have an image of flags waving in the wind. Similar images are found in most videos or photos of the school. This afternoon our students carried their country flags and brought those images alive on stage. . . an emotional moment to witness our multicultural diversity live on stage. . . It’s a badge we wear very proudly and a special part of our school that we must always preserve and celebrate.

Parade of Nations 2010 from ASB India on Vimeo.