FIS and the world

I am writing with an update on the recent events both in Japan and other areas that have or may have an impact on Frankfurt International School.

Last Friday morning began for me with a visit to our Wiesbaden Campus to watch the Grade 2 and 3 Spring Performances. I was only able to stay for the Grade 2 unique presentation of Cinderella, but the show was tremendous. You may not be aware that three students evacuated from Libya joined the Wiesbaden Campus two weeks ago. What a special moment it was to see two of the three Libyan children confident and already presenting Cinderella, safe and sound, as part of FIS. It was so nice to see the students perform and realize again the special role we play in the lives of children and families.

On Friday evening I also spoke with representatives from two companies who have expatriate staff in Japan that may need to return to Germany with their children for three months. In the case of both companies, FIS has space available to accommodate the children who may join us very soon.
If you or your company has a need with regards to temporary admission at FIS, please contact Alec Aspinwall or me and we will make every effort to help. While we may not be able to prevent the catastrophic circumstances that fall upon our world, as a community of more than fifty nationalities that strives to live out our Mission Statement’s call to be “global citizens,” we can be proactive in responding to those who need our assistance. Alec, the Board of Trustees, faculty/staff, and I will work closely to manage any needs that arise as we support both our FIS community and the worldwide international community in this time of uncertainty.

I will communicate with you as we gain more information, but simply wanted you to be aware that families are joining FIS under emergency circumstances and that we are welcoming these families.

Finally, I’d also like to share and acknowledge the work of the Senior Forum. Students from the group are leading all fund raising responses to the tragedy in Japan, as well as other emergencies that occur worldwide. Please watch for communications from the Senior Forum as we reach out to those in need in Japan.

We welcome any questions and offers of support.

Kind regards,
Dr. Paul M. Fochtman
Head of School